Our Story

First Presbyterian Church is called to experience and share the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

Since the beginning

We have been deeply rooted in the Reformed tradition and the Gospel. Though the church is over 250 years old, we are not stuck in the past. We are finding ways to make sure our traditions and the Gospel are relevant to the everyday lives of people now. We believe we are made alive in the Gospel that God has been working out.

We are proud to be a PC(USA) congregation and are guided by the PC(USA) confessional standards. We believe in the full inclusion of everyone, including those who identify as LGBTQ.


Jesus Christ is the beginning and end of everything we do.

Grace is our what, our how, and our why.

We expect to see lives changed by the gospel—including our own.

Grace creates an inclusive community marked by joy and gratitude.

We invite others to experience Jesus’ transforming grace with us.

The experience of grace sends us out to serve our neighbors.