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FPC Hamilton Square has an active youth group, with over 60 teenagers (6th-12th grade) participating in various youth ministries of the church. Youth can participate in weekly Youth Group gatherings (Sunday evenings), while enjoying a full lineup of special events, retreats, local mission projects, churchwide ministries, seasonal offerings, music ministries, and of course, our annual mission trip!

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Dinner Church Invitation

Youth Events

Youth Sunday 2017

June, Beach Retreat and End of year BBQ

July, our High School youth have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to New Orleans.

Burger and a Bible begins June 27th. Youth who have finished 5th grade through graduated seniors will meet at various families homes on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30.
There is always fun food and fellowship at these events.

Core Principles

These six core principles are what our Youth Ministry is built on.

40832_10101401109082970_331785153_nWe seek, first and foremost, to be a community of acceptance for every teenager that walks through our doors.  Regardless of differences, all youth find a group of friends in this place, and can live out and seek their faith without fear of judgment or exclusion for any reason.  All are shown the love of God here.

1000515_10201103055129910_502270362_nWe connect our youth to one another, creating lasting bonds that lead to lifelong friendships. Our youth also connect to adult leaders and mentors, the larger congregation, other youth groups from the region, and through our mission work, even the suffering stranger.

1013458_10200688872478799_1964360318_nThrough the study of Scripture and the shared experience of ministry, our youth grow in their love and knowledge of God, and strengthen their ties to one another.

902887_10200486117349512_905375803_oOur youth are dedicated to serving the underprivileged, recognizing that we are called to the joy of youth ministry in this place in order to be sent out to show God’s love to the world. Our mission work takes us from local areas of need (Trenton, Hurricane Sandy Relief, etc) to different cultures and far-off destinations via our Mission Trip.

IMG_1948We are called to show God’s love because of the love God showed us first in Christ. All that we do seeks to be a witness to that love of God, and we seek to have every ministry point to the One who calls us.

7184_10101576903843860_128628753_nOur students participate in Sunday morning services and enjoy worship at youth events, retreats, and mission trips. Youth Sunday allows us to lead our congregation in worship each year, and youth are frequent participants in worship through music, worship assisting, and more.

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