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Our Sunday Schedule

 Regular Worship services at 8:00 and 9:00 am.
Christian Education for all ages starts at 10:15 am.
Non-Traditional contemporary service at 11:30 am.


Sunday September 24th we celebrated the Ordination of Taylor Mills. Ordinations happen from time to time as seminary students graduate and receive a calling to serve, this one held special significance, because Taylor grew up, literally and figuratively, in our Church! This event was the culmination of years of nurturing, teaching and loving through thick and thin. Here is Taylors ordination video. 

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Institute of Faith Formation classes
Beginning at 9:00 am

 – Fall 2017 Semper Reformanda

(“Always Reforming”)

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the (commonly acknowledged) beginning of the Reformation.  When Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses in 1517, a tidal wave of church politics, theology, worship, practice, and renegotiated structure would move across Western Christianity in a way that would leave the Christian church forever changed.  This movement is foundational to our identity as Presbyterians, and this Autumn the Institute of Faith Formation here at FPCHS will dive deep into the Reformation – its key moments, figures, reforms, theological/biblical components, and legacy.  We will be offering various classes from September through November, highlighting the most important aspects of the Reformation for the church of 16th century Europe, and even more importantly for our own church in 21st century America. Come join the conversation and learning experience as we study and celebrate this important period in church history and our lives as Christian disciples.

October Offerings

Who Were the Reformers? – And Why It Matters
Whether we recognize it or not, the church is directly influenced by the ideas of Christian leaders who were alive now 500 years ago. We will be going back to where it all started with Zwingli, Calvin, and Luther to uncover the heart of what these reformers longed to see changed in terms of the church’s identity, belief, and practice. Also, we will examine where we find themes of the Reformation in our devotional lives today in our Presbyterian community and how they can influence our desire to live faithfully to Jesus Christ. Join intern Zach Bragg for this interesting conversation. Room 4. October 8,15,22,29
The Frozen Chosen
Churches are a time portal. While the faces and buildings may change, our worship connects us back to our spiritual ancestors of hundreds of years ago. When they were breaking from the Catholic Church the reformers took drastic measures to separate their worship from Catholic worship. They changed everything from musical choices to the way the churches looked. Why did they do this? What did they change? What were their theological reasons for doing so? And finally, do we have to be stuck doing the same things? Without finding our roots in the past it is hard for the church to move into the future. Join intern George Erlandson for this interesting conversation. Rooms 5-6. October 8,15,22,29





Yes, welcome to our church home page, but more than that, welcome to our church which our members call their spiritual home. We are a family of Christians eager to worship God, serve Christ, and enjoy fellowship in the Spirit; and we invite you to be a part of our church family.

I think you will find many opportunities to connect with God and others—three Sunday morning worship services; Sunday School classes for all ages; multiple choirs and music groups; spiritual and social activities for all ages; and many mission projects. We are an historic congregation, yet we seek to remain relevant in our ever-changing culture.

This website will give you a glimpse into our church life and provide you with information about our ministries. However, we think we are best experienced in person. Join us on a Sunday morning or attend one of our many programs. I think you will come to believe, “I’m home.”

Pastor Andrew

 and the Hamilton Square Family


Youth Ministry


Together Engaging All Members Welcoming more people in to the activities of the Church. Finding and using our spiritual gifts. Less meeting and more doing! Self-motivated; Doing tasks on your schedule and pace. Minimum commitment. New teams = New ministries.

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Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music. Psalm 98:4 Interested in joining any of our music groups? Review the schedule below, and contact the director listed. We have a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles, offering many opportunities to lead and worship…

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God’s helping hands in our community Deacons are charged with specific activities in our church: to minister to the congregation and community:

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Christian Education

Adult Christian Education is offered weekly from 10:15 - 11:15 AM. Courses will vary, and can range from a one week to a whole year, and everywhere in between. If you want to make sure you stay up to date on the latest offerings and news about Sunday School, simply subscribe…

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Children's Ministry

All Children are Welcome in Worship! We have children’s sermons and special bulletins for our youngest congregants. Children's Sunday School We offer Sunday school (10:15-11:15) for Pre-School through 12th grade, and child care in our nursery for infants and toddlers. Adult Education is offered for parents wishing to attend classes while…

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